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The right gift has the power to change a kid’s life.

Give the gift that makes her dreams possible.

Give a kid you love a GoalCard - a digital gift that gives kids real money towards real dreams in a real FDIC-insured savings account.

Down with gift cards.
Up with GoalCards.

Instead of a store-bought gift card that says “I can’t wait to see what you buy next,” give a kid you love money towards their dreams and say, “I can’t wait to see what you do next.”
No sign up necessary!

How GoalCards work:

  1. No accounts required.

    You don't need a Goalsetter account to give a gift, and neither does the lucky kid. Just an email address!

  2. Personalized, customized, and...digitized.

    Kids will receive a fun digital GoalCard with a video, photo or gif and real money to save for short-term wishes or long-term dreams.

  3. Kids can save towards something special or “just because."

    Whether a kid you love has a specific goal in mind, or just wants to save, a GoalCard is just right for them.

  4. Cash out anytime.

    GoalCards can be cashed out immediately or saved in an FDIC-insured Goalsetter account until the kid's goal is reached. Concert Tickets, Camera, or College, here we come!

One low fee.
No hidden charges.

We wish we didn't have to charge anything, but our fees help us to pay our transaction processor and spread Goalsetter everywhere.

Your GoalCard
Our Flat Fee
$0 - $200
$1 Less than wrapping paper or a greeting card.
*If you are paying by credit or debit card, Goalsetter adds a charge of 2.9% + .30 that goes directly to our card processor. ACH payments have no additional fees.

And, we give 5% back to kid's related charities.

Save the children

Purple Feet Foundation

Association to Benefit children

Waterkeeper alliance

girls who code