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About Goalsetter

We are founded on the belief that kids who are early savers will be lifetime savers. And the research says so too.

Our Mission

We're on a mission to make kids financially healthy and all-around happy, because saving money is not only important – with Goalsetter, it’s also fun.

From Dora to Dollars

Our Founder went from being an Executive at Nickelodeon to helping kids and families learn how to save money. Because, more than anything, she wants every kid to have a shot at a great life - not just those whose parents are Financial Whizzes or Wall Street Bigwigs.

Join the Movement

Become a part of the movement of kids, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, neighbors and friends who are saying “No” to useless spending and saying “Yesssss!” to teaching kids how to save for things that are important.

Meet our Team

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Tanya Van Court

Mom of a teen, a ninja and a toddler

Super Saver

Stanford Double-Engineer

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Dana Kim

Customer Crusader

Economics Evangelist

Fuzzy Slipper Lover

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Gustavo Miller

Tech Aficionado

Wanna-be Beach Bum

Penny Pincher Extraordinaire

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Chad Ozgur

Tech Guru

Animal Doctor (yes, seriously)

Foodie Extraordinaire


Our Advisors

Their job titles are much fancier than ours.

Stephen Youngwood

COO, Sesame Workshop

Colleen Taylor

EVP, Payment Solutions, Mastercard

Ty Ahmad Taylor

Vice President Product Marketing at Facebook

Jennifer Barrett

Head of Content, Acorns

Al Marino

Founder and COO, Claren Road Investors

A word (or two) from our Advisors

"I love that Goalsetter is helping to transform financial health for the next generation of kids and families."

Yvette Butler
President, Capital One Investing

"Goalsetter helps kids of all ages learn to save money with purpose - whether their goals are big or small; near or far; for themselves or for others."

Stephen Youngwood
COO, Sesame Workshop

"Goalsetter is a fun and easy social savings platform that lets friends and family help the kids they love save for things that matter (instead of buying more stuff that doesn't.)"

Ty Ahmad-Taylor
VP, Product Marketing, Facebook

"Research shows kids who have savings accounts in their names are 6 times more likely to go to college than those who don't. Opening a Goalsetter Savings Account for a child can not only help instill good money habits, but hope for a brighter future, too"

Jennifer Barrett
Editor in Chief, Acorns

"By introducing kids and families to the concept of "Auto-Save" early in their lives, Goalsetter has the potential to change a kid's entire future."

Al Marino
Founder, Claren Road Asset Management

Ready to put your kid’s future on fleek?