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How families do money.

Goalsetter is the smart money app that lets every member of your family save for their dreams.
FDIC-insured. Parent-tested. Kid-approved.

One Saver.
Two Savers.
Three Savers. Four.

Whether you’re a little saver or a big saver, Goalsetter helps your family grow healthy savings habits... together.

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Mom saves. Dad saves.

Whether you're a mom who wants a vacation or a kid who wants a new phone,
Goalsetter is the place for your whole family to set goals and save for their dreams.

Kid saves even more.

Kids can save for graduation, a guitar, or a gorilla sanctuary...and learn the power of saving to make your dreams come true.

How it Works: 3 Simple Steps


Set up an account

Create your child’s FDIC-insured Goalsetter account for free, and set a goal together.


Save simply

Auto-save, round-up your debit card purchases, and set up allowance.
Let the savings begin!


Share the love

Invite your tribe to help your child reach their goal with a gift that truly matters.

Be a goal-model for your kids.

Help your kids to learn the power of saving to make their dreams come true.

One Place to Save. Many Ways to Fuel your Family’s Future.

Parents Can

Save Simply

From college to emergency funds to family vacations, parents can save for big goals over time. Make saving easy and fun.

Family and Friends can

Gift Meaningfully.

Instead of more gifts that get recycled, re-gifted, or returned, achieve more with a GoalCard: real money towards real dreams.

Hi Ryan,

Can’t wait for all your goals to be reached! Love you!









Your Goals

Kids can

Earn Responsibly.

We make it easy for kids to earn allowance, and even easier for them to save some of it. No more IOU’s!

Pretty bird with a key

Your security is our peace of mind.

Goalsetter provides 128-bit bank level security, and is backed by some of the biggest names in banking. Goalsetter accounts are FDIC-insured by our banking partner for up to $250,000.


1% Cash Back

When you go on a Savings Streak, we give you a Cash Back Bonus.

Download the app and transform your family’s future… Auto-Magically.

Kids with savings accounts — no matter how much is in them — are 6 times more likely to go to college and 4 times more likely to own stocks as young adults.

Loads of happy users with lots of savings.

I finally have an answer to "What does the baby need?" Now, the whole family can give him money towards his college fund!
Lexi N. - Mom of a teen and toddler
My 10 year old just schooled me about compound interest. Thanks Goalsetter!
Blake O. - Dad of a future financial wizard
I wish I had Goalsetter when I was a kid!!!
Ashley V. - Aunt of Emma, Dylan and Mya.
I initially set up Goalsetter for Audrey's 11th birthday. Once she received her first GoalCards, she got excited to save even more!
Kemba D. - Mom of 2 aspring princesses
Finally a site that makes allowance fun for my kids and easy for me!
Emma B. - Busy mom of 3
Goalsetter ROCKS!!!
Mark K. - Teen Saver #Goals
I’m so thrilled that Goalsetter lets me give my grandkids gifts that teach them good savings habits.
Karen T. - Grandma to Megan and Maddie