Start Small.
Save Big.

Goalsetter is the best savings and gifting
platform to help kids save for their dreams.

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How it Works: 3 Simple Steps


Set a goal

Create your child’s FDIC-insured Goalsetter account for free, and set a goal together.


Save simply

Turn on automatic transfers — any amount — to start saving simply.


Share the love

Invite your tribe to help your child reach her goal with a gift that truly matters.

Growing, together

In no time, you can create a Goalsetter account and set up easy, automatic transfers of as little as $1 a week towards your child’s goals. He learns healthy habits that last a lifetime, and you can watch together as the savings add up!

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Gifts that count

For a birthday, holiday, graduation, or just because, now friends and family can give gifts that count. Generate a free, personalized Goalsetter link, and invite them to be a part of your child’s dream come true.

Or help a child achieve a goal with a GoalCard. A computer, adventure, or new hobby — whatever the goal, select a card and any denomination, and be a part of her journey. No signup required to give!

What’s your goal?

We start every kid's profile off with an education goal, but we know that Legoland, soccer camp, and saving the pandas are just as important.

Start your kid saving for things that matter.


College or an investment account?


Endangered animals or the environment?


Concert tickets or a new camera?

What people are saying

"Goalsetter has made saving for my kids' future way easier. I set up Auto-Save, so now, saving for college isn't even a decision I make every month. I wish I'd known saving for college would be as easy as hitting "Sign up with Facebook."


“We used Goalsetter to save for our son's super-expensive soccer camp. It was awesome, and made all of our friends and family feel good about giving gifts that gave him a meaningful experience.”


"We used Goalsetter for my daughter's birthday this year, and could not be any happier we did so. Instead of getting 100 phone calls asking what she needed, I told them to support her dreams on her Goalsetter profile instead!"


"This is a great tool that teaches kids, in a transparent way, the value of money."


“When I had my second kid, the last thing I wanted was more stuff. Goalsetter let our family give gifts to our daughter's college fund instead, so now we have a jump on college instead of another toy kitchen!”


“Goalsetter has been a great way to teach my kid that money doesn't grow on trees - and neither do Amazon boxes. Now, if they want something, they save for it on Goalsetter and are actually excited once they reach their goal.”