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Kids with savings accounts are 6x more likely to go to college and 4x more likely to own stocks.

Adults who have a savings plan save 2x as much as those who don’t.


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I finally have an answer to "What does the baby need?" Now, the whole family can give him money towards his college fund!
Lexi N. - Mom of a teen and toddler
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I initially set up Goalsetter for Audrey's 11th birthday. Once she received her first GoalCards, she got excited to save even more!
Kemba D. - Mom of 2 aspring princesses
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My 10 year old just schooled me about compound interest. Thanks Goalsetter!
Blake O. - Dad of a future financial wizard
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Finally a site that makes allowance fun for my kids and easy for me!
Emma B. - Busy mom of 3
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I’m so thrilled that Goalsetter lets me give my grandkids gifts that teach them good savings habits.
Karen T. - Grandma to Megan and Maddie
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I wish I had Goalsetter when I was a kid!!!
Ashley V. - Aunt of Emma, Dylan and Mya.
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Goalsetter ROCKS!!!
Mark K. - Teen Saver #Goals